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Ball3D ESL 2on2 | Paranoia team offers you a contract!

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Asunto: Ball3D ESL 2on2 | Paranoia team offers you a contract!.
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14:11 09/07/2018
Dear friends,
me myself offers you a contract with my Ball3D team Paranoia onto next month ESL Community Cups in 2on2 mode. 

What's our offer: 
- Play for the only one team who has won 2on2 ESL Finals
- Create your own sub team so you can play with your friend or with randomly selected player by us
- You will play all of the matches till you lose, because it's Play-Off
- 4 Community Cups
- Chance to win unique ESL 2on2 Badge with 2 strips

What we want:
- Give your best so you can go far away in the Play-Off
- Good mood and communication so we can organise the team faster
- Good behavior because you will represent the team

Why do we offer a contract with other players:
- Because we want more teams in the ESL 2on2 Finals and we also want to keep our trophy in our hands as long as we can

Additional informations:
- Team Name: Paranoia
- Tag: @@@@@@
- Team nationality: Czech Republic
- ESL page: https://play.eslgaming.com/team/12412445/

What's our plan:
- Our plan is to have as many teams as it is possible in the Finals. Than we will move all of the players into our original Paranoia team and I will select one player who I will play with the Finals. The player will be probably Capy, because I won the Finals with him. We want the biggest chance for a victory.

*Your nick:
*Your partner's nick:


If you don't have partner, than write ×

Our Ball3D ESL 2on2 Finals way:
Odeslaný screenshot obrázek

PS: The next ESL 2on2 probably starts next month 1. 8. 2018.